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Clinical Trials

What Are Clinical Trials?

HIV/AIDS clinical trials are research studies in which new therapies and prevention treatment strategies for HIV infection and AIDS are tested in humans. These studies are conducted by physicians and other health care professionals, and can help determine the usefulness of experimental drugs in treating HIV infection. Clinical research studies are an important step in making new investigational medications available for future use.

Clinical Trials at C.A.R.E.

Long Beach Education Research Consultants conducts Phase II-IV HIV/AIDS clinical trials.  The research clinic is headed by Dr. Stefan Schneider, the Principal Investigator, who has conducted over 75 clinical trials.  He is a highly trained Infectious Disease physician with over fifteen years of HIV/AIDS Specialty care.

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Contact Clinical Trials Staff

Long Beach Education Research Consultants
1043 Elm Ave., Ste. 301
Long Beach, CA  90813
Tel:  (562) 624-4943
Fax:  (562) 624-4974

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